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Characteristic of the great Hungarian cuisine of his homeland (he is also well known as a restauranteur), the music of Peter Vamos brings epicurean-like delights to the auditory senses.

Thundering bass lines provide a full-bodied stock for a tantalizing melange of swirling chords and flurrying runs to the upper end of the keyboard, like steam escaping from a boiling pot. Elegant melodies punctuate the shimmering mixture, grabbing the listener's attention, like pinches of herbs and spices. The themes are basted in a rich broth of classic technique and new age ambiance, with an occasional garnish of jazz elements.

In today's music world, Peter Vamos' music is a refreshing return to the days of hummable melodies. He nurtured his world-class virtuosity at Budapest's Franz Liszt Academy of Music, and perfected it at New York's famed Julliard School of Music. Reminiscent of Michel Legrande and John Williams, Peter Vamos is a musical gourmet who prepares music that doesn't have to be studied to be enjoyed. Simply partake and enjoy its richness. His intensity will lift you out of your seat and take you beyond the moment, leaving you awe-struck in the process. Yet, Peter's heart-felt sincerity will tug at your emotions, sooth your soul, and make you want more.

You can count on Peter Vamos to create music that will satisfy the musical cravings and provide substantial fare to whet the appetite of a wide range of music listeners, … leaving no room for desert.

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